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Spiral Scratch Listeners! We just recorded the next two thrilling installments of Get Off My World!

In Episode 23, the boys imagine a world in which their favorite rock stars are given prominent roles in Doctor Who, deconstruct the 1968 Second Doctor adventure Enemy of the World, share their thoughts on the 2015 Christmas Special The Husbands of River Song, and kick off the first part of a two-part Regeneration Death Zone featuring the first (but not last) last adventure of the Sixth Doctor, Gary Russell’s 2005 BBC novel Spiral Scratch.

In Episode 24, the boys do their best to answer listener questions about Gallifrey’s history, culture (and wildlife), pair a Doctor Who story with their favorite alcoholic beverage, go into Deadly Assassin mode for a heated discussion of the 2014 Twelfth Doctor story Kill the Moon, and conclude the two-part Regeneration Death Zone with a look at the Sixth Doctor’s other last adventure, the 2015 Big Finish audio anthology The Last Adventure.

Look for Episode 23 February 1st, and Episode 24 on February 15th.


Episode 22: Doctor Who, You Utter Bastard!

unbound___deadline_by_hisi79-d7lmakxIn Episode 22: Doctor Who, You Utter Bastard!, the boys are joined by Get Off My World sound engineer Tony Karna for five rollicking rounds of Doctor Who banter! The guys ruminate on the podcast’s one-year anniversary, Tony bypasses the Randomizer to discuss the 1980 Tom Baker adventure The Keeper of Traken, Pat unveils a brand new round called Trivia of the Exxilons, and finally, battle lines are drawn as the boys fiercely debate which is the superior anniversary story – the 40th anniversary Big Finish audio story Deadline by Rob Shearman or the 50th anniversary TV movie An Adventure in Space and Time by Mark Gatiss.

Show Notes and Other Tidbits
– The picture at the top of this page is from an alternate Deadline cover by Hisi79. Check out his other awesome Big Finish covers too.
– Download Deadline by Rob Shearman for only five lousy bucks at!
– Read Lawrence Miles’ epic take down of An Adventure In Space and Time here.
In all fairness, here are a few take downs of Deadline (mixed with several glowing reviews) from The Doctor Who Ratings Guide.


Series 9 Minisodes 10, 11, 12: Get Off My Planet!

hqdefaultIn Series 9 Minisodes 10, 11, 12: Get Off My Planet!the boys recruit Twin Cities writer and luminary Rob Callahan to help analyse the final three episodes of Doctor Who series 9. Listen as Joshua man-swoons over Peter Capaldi, Rob points out how Series 9 is kind of like Hellraiser but not at all like Tank Girl, Pat continues to enjoy other people’s head canon more than what ends up on TV, and Kelvin takes personal responsibility for the presence of neck tattoos in Doctor Who.


Series 9 Minisode 9: Eye Boogers!

91018In Minisode 9: Eye Boogers!, the boys find both a depth of meaning and absolutely no meaning in Sleep No More by Mark Gatiss. Topics of discussion include: Pat’s New York theater recommendations, the size of Joshua’s heart, Peter Capaldi’s big mesmerizing face, the conservation of mass in relation to eye boogers, and… THE END OF MINISODES!?!


Series 9 Minisode 8: Zygons At Costco

Doctor-Who-The-Zygon-Invasion In Minisode 8: Zygons At Costco, the boys come very close to thoroughly enjoying The Zygon Inversion by Peter Harness and Steven Moffat. Topics of discussion include imbeciles, the Doctor and Clara’s lack of a relationship, Zygon transgender issues, and Cyber-Robin Williams.


Series 9 Minisode 7: Your Father Was A Donkey And Your Momma Was A Horse

tumblr_inline_nxcuw89is31qkiwwx_500In Minisode 7: Your Father Was A Donkey And Your Momma Was A Horse, the boys have mixed feelings about The Zygon Invasion by Peter Harness. Listen as they discuss hybrid pack animals, Pat’s least favorite scene in all of Doctor Who, the increasingly provocative charms of Osgood, and of course, the Moon Dragon.


Series 9 Minisode 6: The Hundred Years’ Crabfest

p035n9j4In Minisode 6: The Hundred Years’ Crabfest, the boys discuss the pros and cons of The Woman Who Lived by Catherine Tregenna. Topics include: historical inaccuracies, family friendly penis jokes, lion puns, the inevitable Lady Me spin-off, and more tenuous connections to Kill The Moon!   


Series 9 Minisode 5: Another Thing We Can Blame Richard Wagner For


In Minisode 5: Another Thing We Can Blame Richard Wagner For, the boys have differing opinions about The Girl Who Died by Jamie Mathieson and Steven Moffat. Listen as they discuss ’80s music, Brian Blessed, baby talk, testosterone with lemon grass, historically inaccurate viking helmets, and much, much more!*

*By much, much more we mean MORE CRAZY TALK ABOUT KILL THE MOON!


Series 9 Minisode 4: Just Like The Ten Commandments Or X-Men 2

series-9-trailer-2-21[1]In Minisode 4: Just Like The Ten Commandments Or X-Men 2, the boys ponder Before The Flood by Toby Whithouse. Topics of discussion include electric guitar, breaking the fourth wall, Arthurian myth, and more metaphysical horror. But all that pales in comparison to the big question… Could Kelvin’s crackpot Kill The Moon theory be coming true?!?

The Horror, The Horror

tumblr_lz04tnx32z1rne776o1_r1_500You guys! Two things!

Get Off My World is taking a short break from our regular episodes to concentrate on our weekly Series 9 Minisodes! We’ll be back to our usual twice-a-month schedule on December 15th.

Also, if you live in the Twin Cities and like theatrical shenanigans, check out The Twin Cities Horror Festival! Your nerdy hosts are involved in two different shows (which, um, might explain why we’re a little behind on our recent minisodes).

3829244[1]The Thermos Bottle is based on a short story by GOMW co-host Pat Harrigan and adapted for stage by our podcast pal Tim Uren. It features a stellar cast of Twin Cities actors including our very own Joshua English Scrimshaw! It’s an eerie and intricate tale of time travel, psychics and other dimensional entities. If the Horror Fest were Season 26 of Doctor Who, this play would be Ghost Light.

7108356[1]And don’t forget Kelvin Hatle! He will be appearing in Big Spooky Radio Spookytime! Think Prairie Home Companion with zombies. ‘Nuff said.


Episode 21: Super Tall Angry R2D2

In Episode 21: Super Tall Angry R2D2, the guys celebrate their one-year anniversary with a cavalcade of special guests and a live audience of hardcore nerds!

Pour yourself a festive drink, sit back and listen as the guys discuss Kelvin’s strange case of rage-induced amnesia, read a collection of improbable Doctor Who fan letters, ambush a first-time Doctor Who viewer with the 1979 Fourth Doctor adventure Destiny Of The Daleks, reveal the exact number of tears they’ve shed while watching Doctor Who, and last but not least, play a game of Deadly Assassin to see who can successfully attack or defend a randomly chosen Doctor Who story!

This podcast was recorded September 22nd at the Bryant Lake Bowl Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota and features special guests Shanan Custer, Ed Huyck, Pablo Jones, Ariel Leaf, Michael McDunnah (The Unaffiliated Critic), and Clarence Wethern!  Sound by Tony Karna!


The guys: Joshua, Pat and Kelvin!


The guys and the guests: Pablo, Clarence, Tony, Michael, Ed, Kelvin, Shanan, Joshua, Ariel, and Pat!


Series 9 Minisode 3: I’m Okay With Pseudoscience

doctor-who-under-lake-650 In Minisode 3: I’m Okay With Pseudoscience, the guys debate the merits of Under The Lake by Toby Whithouse. Listen as they discuss bases under siege, cabins in the woods, the metaphysical implications of alien ghosts, Kelvin’s traumatic Kill The Moon flashbacks and much more!

What did you think of Under The Lake? Let us know in the comments below or start a conversation on our Facebook page.


Series 9 Minisode 2: Badass In A Totally Nonviolent Way

86888In Minisode 2: Badass In A Totally Nonviolent Way, the guys talk about The Witch’s Familiar by Steven Moffat. Discussion topics include (but are not limited to) the subtle art of chair humor, the traditionalization of Clara, existential horror and the inevitability of a happy ending in heaven.

What did you think of The Witch’s Familiar? Let us know in the comments below or start a conversation on our Facebook page.


Episode 20: Give That Man A Dickey

skagra1Ladies’ Night continues in Episode 20: Give That Man A Dicky! Join Kelvin, Pat and Joshua along with returning guests Windy Bowlsby and Melissa Kaercher (hosts of Xanadu Cinema Pleasure Dome) as they discuss hoodies and the iconography of the Doctor’s costume, joyfully meander through the unfinished Fourth Doctor adventure Shada, share some Ood-inspired poetry, and scoop River Song and Clara into the Death Zone for a no-holds-barred companion battle!


Series 9 Minisode 1: First Doctor Pants!

First Doctor PantsWelcome to the first installment of a new Get Off My World Minisode Series. Each week, Pat, Kelvin and Joshua grab their phones and call each other up for a brisk chat about the latest episode of Doctor Who! In Minisode 1: First Doctor Pants, the guys talk about the series 9 opener, The Magician’s Apprentice! Listen as the they discuss Capaldi’s new casual look, the Joker’s influence on Michelle Gomez’s Master, and their crackpot theories/fears about where the series will go from here!

What did you think of The Magician’s Apprentice?  Let us know in the comments below or start a conversation on our Facebook page.


Episode 19: Mingling With The Mummies

mars.14In Episode 19: Mingling With The Mummies, Windy Bowlsby and Melissa Kaercher, hosts of Xanadu Cinema Pleasure Dome, join the guys for part one of a two-part Ladies’ Night podcast! Listen as they discuss the extremely broad topic of women in Doctor Who*, unravel the classic 1975 Fourth Doctor adventure The Pyramids of Mars, add Windy’s lovely haiku to the official Get Off My World Poetry Library, and debate which non-canonical Curse of the Fatal Death Doctor should become the real live Thirteenth Doctor!

*At the time of this recording, we were woefully ignorant of the two female writers hired for series 9: Sarah Dollard and Catherine Tregenna! This hopefully explains our outdated frustration on the topic. We’ll try to stay better informed in the future!

Show Notes and Other Tidbits
– Please forgive the occasional hiss and other ambient sound in this episode. We recorded on a muggy July evening with no air conditioning and the windows open!
– Here is your Ultimate Doctor Who Workout Guide!


Episode 18: Brought To You By Laserson Brand Laser Probes

Laserson_probeIn Episode 18: Brought To You By Laserson Brand Laser Probes, the boys welcome back special guests president of Pagan Publishing Scott Glancy and Twin Cities theater and game maker Tim Uren for part two of a two-part podcast looking at Doctor Who role-playing games. Listen to the guys discuss the influence of pulp heroes on Doctor Who, discover hidden product placement in the 1977 Fourth Doctor adventure The Robots of Death, slip from a fugue state into a downward spiral of existential disappointment, and throw thirty years of Doctor Who role-playing games into the Death Zone for an epic RPG showdown!


Bonus Episode 1: Ray Winninger in Genesis Of The Nerdery

FASA Winninger GamesIn Bonus Episode 1: Ray Winninger in Genesis of the Nerdery, president of Pagan Publishing Scott Glancy interviews tabletop RPG legend Ray Winninger about his early work on the 1985 FASA Doctor Who role-playing game. A short excerpt from this conversation was included in Get Off My World Episode 17 but we present it here complete and uncut! Things you will hear: Ray talk about his reverential but completely unsupervised use of the Doctor Who license, the influence of FASA’s Star Trek RPG on the Doctor Who game, the pros and cons of realistic game mechanics, and nerdy tangents galore! Things you won’t hear: A terrible story about Tom Baker.


Episode 17: Dice Rolls, Sandwiches and Emotional Journeys

who315[1]The Get Off My World guys are back with part one of a two-part podcast looking at Doctor Who role-playing games with special guests Twin Cites theater and game maker Tim Uren and Pagan Publishing head honcho Scott Glancy! Join the guys as they reimagine fifty-plus years of Doctor Who as one massive role-playing campaign, unpack the sandwich thematics from the 1972 Third Doctor adventure The Sea Devils, play an excerpt from Scott’s interview with role-playing game icon and contributor to FASA’s Doctor Who role-playing game Ray Winninger, and take an unexpected journey through the convoluted head canon of Tim Uren!


Episode 16: Dystopian Fruit Machines

doctorwhoaday happiness patrol 1In Episode 16: Dystopian Fruit Machines, the boys visit CONvergence for a live recording with their gal pal Ariel Leaf! Listen as they discuss dystopian futures in Doctor Who, sink their teeth into the Seventh Doctor adventure The Happiness Patrol, use abrasive comedy to sensitively explore the generational differences in Doctor Who fandom, and once again take audience suggestions for The Death Zone Lightning Round… of Death!


Pat, Kelvin, Joshua and Ariel/Ace!


Episode 15: Civilized Gentlemen

Civilized Gentlemen In Episode 15: Civilized Gentlemen, the boys visit the Twin Cities’ premiere Doctor Who Convention CONsole Room for an interview with Doctor Number Six, Colin Baker, and a live podcast with L.A.-based geek comedian Joseph Scrimshaw!

Colin talks about his poor memory, surprises the guys with a brief serenade, shares his love of penguins and Robert Shearman, hints about his upcoming audio regeneration, and much more!

Meanwhile, Joseph and the guys talk about their favorite Sixth Doctor stories, pick a Doctor to run away with, debate the merits of the Sixth and Second Doctor adventure The Two Doctors, present a brand new Doctor Who sketch, and take audience suggestions for a Death Zone Lightning Round!


Episode 14: Stan Laurel Becomes Human


In Episode 14: Stan Laurel Becomes Human, the boys welcome back special guest Ed Huyck for part two of a two-part podcast looking at literary adaptations in Doctor Who!  Listen as the boys debate the best Doctor Who story to show a first-time viewer, recruit special bonus guest star Clarence Wethern to read a short excerpt from Ed’s thirty-year-old fan fiction, analyze the extremely subtle differences between the televised version of The Macra Terror and the Target novelization of The Macra Terror, and finally, pit Paul versus Paul in a bloody Death Zone battle between the Seventh Doctor New Adventures novel Human Nature and the Tenth Doctor television adaptation of the novel, Human Nature/Family of Blood!


Episode 13: There Are No Giant Crabs

In Episode 13: There Are No Giant Crabs, the boys join forces with theater critic and hardcore Whovian Ed Huyck for part one of a two-part podcast looking at literary adaptations in Doctor Who! Listen as the boys debate which Doctor is the most like Peter Pan, dance the Highland Fling with the lost Second Doctor adventure The Macra Terror, fall under the hypnotic influence of the Propaganda Sleep Machine and travel back in time to the Wilderness Years for a challenging jaunt through Paul Cornell’s 1995 New Adventures novel Human Nature.

Join us next episode when we discuss the 1987 Target novelization of The Macra Terror and Human Nature/Family of Blood, the Tenth Doctor television adaptation of the novel.

Show Notes and Other Tidbits
-You can watch young Lalla Ward wander through a house of creepy antiques here.
-You can watch Sonya Belousova play the Doctor Who theme on a big blue piano here.
-You can buy the latest printing of Paul Cornell’s Human Nature here.
-You can see Ed’s sneaky Doctor Who reference in the cutline of his Peter Pan review here.


Episode 12: I Wish They’d Touch Me More

In Episode 12: I Wish They’d Touch Me More, the boys are joined by Twin Cities actor and nerd-about-town Clarence Wethern for five rounds of unrestrained geekery! Clarence talks about his ongoing mission to watch all twenty-six years of classic Doctor Who in chronological order, blatant plagiarism fails to stop the boys from loving the hell out of Jon Pertwee’s debut adventure Quatermass 2, uh, I mean, Spearhead from Space, Clarence performs his one-man comedy sketch “Attack of the Incidental Music!” and the Death Zone pits the David Warner Doctor against the Richard E. Grant Doctor in an epic non-canonical battle between the Big Finish audio adventure Sympathy for the Devil and the BBC animated adventure Scream of the Shalka!

Show Notes and Other Tidbits
-Phil Sandifer’s “TARDIS Eruditorium” blog is here, and you can buy Recursive Occlusion here.
-You can buy Big Finish’s Sympathy for the Devil here.


Episode 11: Don’t Worry It’s PG Rated

DW-S05E01-HDTV-0100In Episode 11: Don’t Worry It’s PG Ratedthe boys turn down the lights and talk about sex and Doctor Who, cuddle up with the Fourth Doctor story The Masque of Mandragora, shower Peter Davison with hypothetical birthday presents, and experiment with a brand-new round called “The Deadly Assassin,” in which Joshua and Kelvin utterly fail to defend the Tenth Doctor story Planet of the Dead from Pat’s bloodthirsty assault!

Show Notes and Other Tidbits
-The “Adventures with the Wife in Space” blog is here.
-And you definitely don’t want to miss The Glimpse!


Episode 10: Swimming Pools and Comedy Nazis

Paradise Towers VHS

In Episode 10: Swimming Pools and Comedy Nazis, the boys are joined by Twin Cities theater artist and all around geek Ariel Leaf! Discussion topics include: Doctor Who tattoos and where to put them, the highs and lows of the Seventh Doctor story Paradise Towers, the fan poetry of Emily Dickinson as imagined by Ariel and a Death Zone battle between the Big Finish Seventh Doctor audio story The Harvest and the Ninth Doctor’s debut story Rose!

Show Notes and Other Tidbits
-If you don’t want to be spoiled, you can pick up a copy of The Harvest here.
Here is the Doctor Who tie-in game that pleasantly surprised Pat.
-Here is the Desert Island Discs with William Hartnell.


Episode 9: Bowling A Chinaman???


In Episode 9: Bowling A Chinaman??? the boys get philosophical about regeneration, politely debate the merits of the Fifth Doctor story Four To Doomsday, solicit a second opinion on Four To Doomsday from Joshua’s 10-year-old daughter and delve deep into the obscure world of Doctor Who spinoff media for a Death Zone battle between the classic ’80s comic strip arc Voyager and the Big Finish audio adventure The Maltese Penguin, both featuring the Sixth Doctor and his comic strip companion Frobisher.

Show Notes and Other Tidbits
-Joshua is excited about the upcoming Big Finish box set UNIT Extinction!
-Pat is chomping at the bit to read the Lethbridge-Stewart novel series!
-Kelvin is intrigued by a different upcoming Big Finish box set The Last Adventure!
-As discussed in this episode’s Death Zone round, you can download the Maltese Penguin here! and the Voyager graphic novel here!
-More information about the Twin Cities Doctor Who Convention CONsole Room!


Episode 8: What The Hell Are We Supposed To Do With A Hat Rack?

Frontios_title In Episode 8: What The Hell Are We Supposed To Do With A Hat Rack?, Pablo Jones, the man behind our theme song and A Very Dalek Hanukkah, joins Pat, Kelvin and Joshua for five rounds AWESOME! Listen as the boys discuss music in Doctor Who, add another piece of Doctor Who verse to the growing Get Off My World library, come to very different conclusions about the Fifth Doctor story Frontios and throw Vislor Turlough and Captain Jack Harkness into the Death Zone to see who is the superior companion!

Show Notes and Other Tidbits
-Geoffrey Burgon fan site.
-The Frontios-related fan fiction mentioned by Pat is The Puppet King by Dale Smith
-The Frontios-related short story mentioned by Kelvin is Life After Queth by Matt Kimpton.
-Download the Fifth Doctor and Turlough audio Loups-Garoux from Big Finish for only $2.99 and find out what Joshua is making such a fuss over.
-Speaking of Joshua, listen carefully and you’ll hear him call the Tractators Tetraps! He will live with that shame for the rest of his life.


Episode 7: The Weeds of Delta Magna


In Episode 7: The Weeds of Delta Magna, the boys fantasize about writing their very own Doctor Who special, struggle to stay positive while talking about the Fourth Doctor story The Power of Kroll, answer probing Doctor Who-related questions from Joshua’s ten-year-old daughter, and dig deep into Robert Shearman’s dual Dalek stories, the Sixth Doctor Big Finish audio Jubilee and the Ninth Doctor TV story Dalek.

Show Notes and Other Tidbits
– Kelvin is excited about the new Ninth Doctor miniseries from Titan Comics!
– Big Finish offers a special download price on Jubilee!


Episode 6: You’re A Beautiful Woman Probably


In Episode 6: You’re A Beautiful Woman Probably, Twin Cities writer comedian Levi Weinhagen joins Pat, Kelvin and Joshua for a wide ranging discussion of the use (and abuse) of comedy in Doctor Who!  Deep thoughts and cheap laughs abound as the boys debate what kind of comedy works in Doctor Who and what kind doesn’t, discuss Douglas Adams’ classic Tom Baker story City of Death, present an all new improv structure Interview with an Ice Warrior, and decide which is the ultimate Doctor Who sketch – Steven Moffat’s Curse of the Fatal Death or Peter Davison’s Five(ish) Doctors Reboot.   


Episode 5: Kronos Is A Pretty Bird


In Episode 5: Kronos Is A Pretty Bird, the boys question the Doctor’s credentials as a pacifist, reevaluate the infamous Jon Pertwee story The Time Monster (or is it Time of Monster?), break several laws of time to bring you their thoughts on Peter Capaldi’s first Christmas special Last Christmas and scoop all the Masters into the Death Zone to decide who is the most Masterful of all!


Episode 4: Old Guy Walking

vlcsnap-2010-12-01-22h19m16s91In Episode 4: Old Guy Walking, the boys help write a senior thesis, discuss the First Doctor story The Reign of Terror, play Pablo Jones’ new holiday hit “A Very Dalek Hanukkah” and recruit special guest star The Unaffiliated Critic to help answer the ultimate question: “Who is the greatest Doctor of all?”

Show Notes and Other Tidbits:
Joshua’s current Big Finish audio pick.
Kelvin is a fan of this twitter feed.
Pat’s favorite First Doctor and Susan story.
And finally, the story none of us could remember.


Episode 3: Ape Pesticide


In Episode 3: Ape Pesticide, the boys discuss Kelvin’s introduction to Doctor Who – the Third Doctor story Doctor Who and The Silurians, chat about their favorite two part Doctor Who serial, and settle the age old debate: Which is the best Doctor Who Western of all time – The Gunfighters or A Town Called Mercy? Oh, and just to class up the joint, Pat reads his first ever Doctor Who inspired poem!*

As always, if you enjoy this episode, let us know! Email us, write a review on iTunes or like us on Facebook!

*Pat also makes several factual errors in this episode: 1) Nell Campbell (from the film Jubilee) plays Columbia in Rocky Horror, not Magenta (although Patricia Quinn, who does play Magenta, appears in the Seventh Doctor TV story Dragonfire, and the Big Finish audio Bang Bang-A Boom!). 2) Jubilee was Derek Jarman’s second feature film. 2b) It came out in 1977. 3) The second US Pinnacle Books novel was “The Doomsday Machine,” not “The Cave Monsters,” although they were both written by Malcolm Hulke. 4) The name of the composer is Tristram Cary, not Tristram Vary.

It’s likely Kelvin and Joshua also stated many untruths during this podcast but they’re too lazy to fact check themselves. Ignorance is bliss!


Series 8 Special: We Name You The Boneless!

Peter Capaldi

Listen!  It’s our Series 8 Special: We Name You The Boneless!

In this episode, we discuss Peter Capaldi and the development of his Doctor so far, grapple with themes and season arcs, pick our best and worst episodes from the season and ruminate on our hopes and fears for Series 9!

Things you will also hear: Pat use the phrase “poetically preposterous,” Joshua have a small panic attack at the mention of Mark Gatiss as showrunner, Kelvin worry about becoming a “neck bearded guy who lives in his mother’s basement” and special guest star Michael The Unaffiliated Critic ponder the theological implications of The Master’s “magic disco ball”!

If you enjoy this episode, let us know!  Email us, write a review on iTunes or like us on Facebook!


Episode 2: Cannibals in Diapers


In Episode 2: Cannibals in Diapers, the boys discuss (a little late) their favorite fan made 50th anniversary video, the Sixth Doctor story Vengeance on Varos, their favorite politically incorrect moments from Doctor Who, and pit the Eleventh Doctor story Nightmare in Silver against the 8th Doctor Big Finish audio story The Silver Turk.  We also use the term “canonically fake”.  Sorry about that.


Episode 1: Clumsy Ham-Fisted Idiots

Welcome to the debut episode of a brand new Doctor Who podcast, Get Off My World! We’re three guys who love the classic Doctor Who series and try our best to love the new series too. Join us twice a month when we take you through five rounds rapid and get to the bottom of what’s great, and what’s not so great, about our favorite show.
In Episode 1: Clumsy, Ham-Fisted Idiots, we discuss Peter Capaldi, The Ark In Space, our favorite Doctor Who novelty products, and pit The Five Doctors against The Day of the Doctor.

Special thanks to Pablo Jones for composing our theme song, Michelle Schwartzbauer for designing our logo, Levi Weinhagen for his podcasting tutorial, Melissa Kaercher for much needed technical assistance and Carrie Rainey for letting us invade her home.

Disclaimer: All yo-yo related criticisms of the new series were made before the first airing of Kill the Moon. We take it all back.