Episode 6: You’re A Beautiful Woman Probably


In Episode 6: You’re A Beautiful Woman Probably, Twin Cities writer comedian Levi Weinhagen joins Pat, Kelvin and Joshua for a wide ranging discussion of the use (and abuse) of comedy in Doctor Who!  Deep thoughts and cheap laughs abound as the boys debate what kind of comedy works in Doctor Who and what kind doesn’t, discuss Douglas Adams’ classic Tom Baker story City of Death, present an all new improv structure Interview with an Ice Warrior, and decide which is the ultimate Doctor Who sketch – Steven Moffat’s Curse of the Fatal Death or Peter Davison’s Five(ish) Doctors Reboot.   


Episode 5: Kronos Is A Pretty Bird


In Episode 5: Kronos Is A Pretty Bird, the boys question the Doctor’s credentials as a pacifist, reevaluate the infamous Jon Pertwee story The Time Monster (or is it Time of Monster?), break several laws of time to bring you their thoughts on Peter Capaldi’s first Christmas special Last Christmas and scoop all the Masters into the Death Zone to decide who is the most Masterful of all!


Episode 4: Old Guy Walking

vlcsnap-2010-12-01-22h19m16s91In Episode 4: Old Guy Walking, the boys help write a senior thesis, discuss the First Doctor story The Reign of Terror, play Pablo Jones’ new holiday hit “A Very Dalek Hanukkah” and recruit special guest star The Unaffiliated Critic to help answer the ultimate question: “Who is the greatest Doctor of all?”

Show Notes and Other Tidbits:
Joshua’s current Big Finish audio pick.
Kelvin is a fan of this twitter feed.
Pat’s favorite First Doctor and Susan story.
And finally, the story none of us could remember.


Episode 3: Ape Pesticide


In Episode 3: Ape Pesticide, the boys discuss Kelvin’s introduction to Doctor Who – the Third Doctor story Doctor Who and The Silurians, chat about their favorite two part Doctor Who serial, and settle the age old debate: Which is the best Doctor Who Western of all time – The Gunfighters or A Town Called Mercy? Oh, and just to class up the joint, Pat reads his first ever Doctor Who inspired poem!*

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*Pat also makes several factual errors in this episode: 1) Nell Campbell (from the film Jubilee) plays Columbia in Rocky Horror, not Magenta (although Patricia Quinn, who does play Magenta, appears in the Seventh Doctor TV story Dragonfire, and the Big Finish audio Bang Bang-A Boom!). 2) Jubilee was Derek Jarman’s second feature film. 2b) It came out in 1977. 3) The second US Pinnacle Books novel was “The Doomsday Machine,” not “The Cave Monsters,” although they were both written by Malcolm Hulke. 4) The name of the composer is Tristram Cary, not Tristram Vary.

It’s likely Kelvin and Joshua also stated many untruths during this podcast but they’re too lazy to fact check themselves. Ignorance is bliss!


Series 8 Special: We Name You The Boneless!

Peter Capaldi

Listen!  It’s our Series 8 Special: We Name You The Boneless!

In this episode, we discuss Peter Capaldi and the development of his Doctor so far, grapple with themes and season arcs, pick our best and worst episodes from the season and ruminate on our hopes and fears for Series 9!

Things you will also hear: Pat use the phrase “poetically preposterous,” Joshua have a small panic attack at the mention of Mark Gatiss as showrunner, Kelvin worry about becoming a “neck bearded guy who lives in his mother’s basement” and special guest star Michael The Unaffiliated Critic ponder the theological implications of The Master’s “magic disco ball”!

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Episode 2: Cannibals in Diapers


In Episode 2: Cannibals in Diapers, the boys discuss (a little late) their favorite fan made 50th anniversary video, the Sixth Doctor story Vengeance on Varos, their favorite politically incorrect moments from Doctor Who, and pit the Eleventh Doctor story Nightmare in Silver against the 8th Doctor Big Finish audio story The Silver Turk.  We also use the term “canonically fake”.  Sorry about that.


Episode 1: Clumsy Ham-Fisted Idiots

Welcome to the debut episode of a brand new Doctor Who podcast, Get Off My World! We’re three guys who love the classic Doctor Who series and try our best to love the new series too. Join us twice a month when we take you through five rounds rapid and get to the bottom of what’s great, and what’s not so great, about our favorite show.
In Episode 1: Clumsy, Ham-Fisted Idiots, we discuss Peter Capaldi, The Ark In Space, our favorite Doctor Who novelty products, and pit The Five Doctors against The Day of the Doctor.

Special thanks to Pablo Jones for composing our theme song, Michelle Schwartzbauer for designing our logo, Levi Weinhagen for his podcasting tutorial, Melissa Kaercher for much needed technical assistance and Carrie Rainey for letting us invade her home.

Disclaimer: All yo-yo related criticisms of the new series were made before the first airing of Kill the Moon. We take it all back.