Episode 30: Outhouse on a Pile of Dynamite


In Episode 30: Outhouse On a Pile of Dynamite, the guys consider which new series Doctor would pair best with classic series Brigadier, venture into the underground for a discussion of the 1968 Second Doctor adventure The Web of Fear, present a recently discovered lost round from Get Off My World Episode 25 featuring special guest Matt Kessen, and herd all the First and Second Doctor companions into the Death Zone to decide once and for all who is the greatest companion of the 1960s!

2 thoughts on “Episode 30: Outhouse on a Pile of Dynamite

  1. Dave Potts says:

    As a Doctor Who fan, I am compelled to nitpick about trivial errors: Jackie Lane did not play Dodo’s ancestor in “The Massacre.” Anne Chaplet was played by Annette Robertson. Jackie Lane only played Dodo, in the last couple of minutes of the story.

    • getoffmyworld says:

      As a Doctor Who podcast, we are compelled to graciously accept all nitpicks! Thanks for the correction!

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