Episode 35: Cheese of the Doctor


The Third Doctor enjoys some Gorgonzola in Day of the Daleks!

In Episode 35: Cheese of the Doctor, the guys welcome special guest, nerd-about-town and co-host of the Aging Poorly Podcast, Bill Stiteler! Join them as they probe the inner recesses of Bill’s mind for any and all Doctor Who-related memories, talk candidly about midlife regeneration crises, avoid meeting their future selves in a timey-wimey discussion of the 1983 Fifth Doctor adventure Mawdryn Undead, and choose the perfect cheese to pair with every Doctor.

3 thoughts on “Episode 35: Cheese of the Doctor

  1. Kaz says:

    You asked about the lack of Halloween in ‘Doctor Who’. The BBC Charter in the early 1970s was decades old and the BBC had very firm rules set for it about including Satanism, paganistic practices etc. The Daemons almost didn’t happen, and only all the pseudo-science explaining away the pagan acts let the show happen. Just like DW could get away with a Dracula robot but a real Dracula wouldn’t happen.

    Halloween in the UK was not the modern USA event reinvented by chocolate companies pre-WW2.

    Halloween’s appeal has increased now for parties, but its rather like celebrating Elvis’ s birthday or having a toga party on the ides of March. Its a weird import, not something embedded in society.

    Much more likely to see Guy Fawkes Day than Halloween

  2. Kaz says:

    PS loved the cheese discussion.

    I started wondering what cheeses would the regerations of the Master be? The obvious one was crumbly stinky blue cheese with a black wax coating for the Master 2 (Peter Pratt) 🙂

    • getoffmyworld says:

      Thanks for the comments, Kaz! I like your cheese selection for Peter Pratt. Personally, I think the suave, international Roger Delgado Master would be a Taleggio. It’s sometimes called “The Feet of God” because the stink is so divine. I think that befits the Master’s god complex. Anthony Ainley would be a Somerdale Truffle Cheddar. It also has a black wax rind with flecks of black truffle embedded in a ridiculously creamy cheddar. Like Ainley’s performance, it is both tasteful and cheesy. Eric Roberts? A Kraft American Single.

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