Episode 75: Anti-Buddhist Evangelist

Get Off My World is back—and it seems, not a moment too soon!

Rested — regenerated — vaxxed and boosted — with new rounds — a new co-host — relaxed swear-word protocols — and a new theme song from The Sevateem!

In Episode 75: Anti-Buddhist Evangelist, Josh, Kelvin and Pat are joined by new full-time co-host Ariel Pinkerton to discuss the Fifth Doctor stories Kinda and Snakedance, and the Big Finish audio The Cradle of the Snake. We have a lot to say about Buddhism, the Mara, carnival barkers, mass-media villainy, mental disorders, J N-T’s fashion sense, and of course, a giant pink snake!

The dance goes on! It is all the dance, everywhere and always!