Episode 79: Everyone was Screaming and Nobody was Happy

In this appropriately plus-sized Episode 79, Everyone was Screaming and Nobody was Happy, we cover all fourteen parts of The Trial of a Time Lord, and everything becomes very discursive, unclear, inconclusive, incoherent and incomprehensible, until it all sort of comes apart by the end. By which we mean that this Doctor Who story does that, not that our podcast does that. (Although our podcast also does do that.)

Listen as we discuss the history of the Doctor and his companions being done dirty by the BBC, and perk up as we all get kind of thirsty for Sabalom Glitz (and maybe the Master too a little bit).

It’s a long road but it’s worth your time (by which we mean that our podcast is that)!

Episode 78: Inscrutable Who

In one of the more relaxed installments of Get Off My World!, Episode 78: Inscrutable Who, the gang discuss some of the weirder corners of the classic series: Warrior’s Gate and Ghost Light! Plus, Pat plays the role of trivia-Torquemada as he inflicts impossible and interminable Doctor Who trivia questions on Kelvin, Joshua and Ariel (can you guess who wins?).

Join us as we take a good look at time-traveling lions, a lot of woo happening, the right sort of nothing, the John Brown of E-Space, and the greatest f*ckin question in the world, and also somewhere in there Ariel says, “I like looking at your little face” (can you guess to whom?).

Plus: Big Finish found poetry!

Episode 77: Irregular Acts

In our super-sized Episode 77: Irregular Acts, the team tries to kick the rust off during our first all-in-person recording since January 2020. Listen to us take a deep dive into UNIT family fun time, babble exuberantly and get lots of little details terribly wrong. (Who is Solomon Glitz?)

Hear us discuss the naughty interior design of The Claws of Axos, The Dæmons‘ frumpilicious Miss Hawthorne, and the Vardan douchiness of the Big Finish audio The Scream of Ghosts. Yes, we’re in a frisky mood! So much joyous togetherness! So much crosstalk!

Episode 76: Bad Reputation

Never let it be said that the GOMW crew neglect to address the burning questions of our age!

In Episode 76, Ariel and the other clowns zoom in close on the Season 2 William Hartnell serials The Web Planet and The Chase to investigate whether they deserve their Bad Reputation. Will we go deep into the Jungian implications of the Animus, the Cold War politics of the Zarbi, and the continuing relevance of a Joan Jett song from 1980? Tune in and find out! All this, and “The Lair of the Zarbi Supremo” too!

Episode 75: Anti-Buddhist Evangelist

Get Off My World is back—and it seems, not a moment too soon!

Rested — regenerated — vaxxed and boosted — with new rounds — a new co-host — relaxed swear-word protocols — and a new theme song from The Sevateem!

In Episode 75: Anti-Buddhist Evangelist, Josh, Kelvin and Pat are joined by new full-time co-host Ariel Pinkerton to discuss the Fifth Doctor stories Kinda and Snakedance, and the Big Finish audio The Cradle of the Snake. We have a lot to say about Buddhism, the Mara, carnival barkers, mass-media villainy, mental disorders, J N-T’s fashion sense, and of course, a giant pink snake!

The dance goes on! It is all the dance, everywhere and always!

Episode 74: Running Around Getting Killed and Not Getting Killed

After a long absence, Get Off My World returns with a special double-length Episode 74: Running Around Getting Killed and Not Getting Killed, wrapping up our survey of Jodie Whittaker’s second season! Join Ariel, Pat, Kelvin and Joshua as we discuss Tesla versus Edison, the English Romantics, Birdemic, the history of mental illness, the Ruth Doctor (not Doctor Ruth), and our conflicted feelings about the Master and Captain Jack. All this and Pat’s impromptu off-key performance of Yazoo’s “Only You”! We cover a lot of ground here, is what we’re saying.

Episode 73: Beethoven Playing Brahms

In Episode 73: Beethoven Playing Brahms, the guys talk about fans and showrunners, Charles Dickens, Columbo, Polka-Dot Man and various famous musicians, but mostly about the beginning of Jodie Whittaker’s second season: Spyfall parts 1 and 2, and Orphan 55.

As if that wasn’t enough, this episode was recorded live in January 2020 at CONsole Room, the Twin Cities’ premier Doctor Who convention, and so has exactly zero discussion of the coronavirus! Come join us in our simpler world!

Episode 72: Goofy Overlords

In Episode 72: Goofy Overlords, your socially-distanced hosts Zoom their way through a discussion of the First Doctor adventure The Ark; conclude their coverage of the Fifth Doctor’s Doctor Who Magazine comic strips with “Lunar Lagoon,” “4-Dimensional Vistas” and “The Moderator”; and wind up Big Finish’s Stockbridge trilogy with a discussion of the audio adventure Plague of the Daleks. Whew! All this, plus the usual amount of digressions and hobby horses, a greater-than-average number of pandemics, and an examination of the longstanding question: Is Pat the a**hole?

Episode 71: Ignore All Humans

We at Get Off My World are longtime experts at social distancing, and we recognize that in challenging times like this it’s important to give guidance and distraction to all our listeners. And so we are proud to present Episode 71: Ignore All Humans, in which we discuss the 1980s Fifth Doctor comic strip stories “Stars Fell on Stockbridge” and “The Stockbridge Horror,” the Stockbridge-set 2009 Big Finish audio The Eternal Summer, and, er, Timelash. We really do spend an awful lot of time on Timelash. This is our gift to you.

We hope that all our listeners are safe and well! And please remember: “Laugh hard. Run fast. Be kind.

Episode 70: Not a Lot of Legit Neuroscience

Episode 70: Not a Lot of Legit Neuroscience is the start of an ambitious three-episode double-arc, as the guys begin discussions about Doctor Who Monthly’s 1980s Stockbridge comics and Big Finish’s “Stockbridge trilogy of audios from the 2000s! This episode we discuss “The Neutron Knights,” “The Tides of Time” and “Castle of Fear,” and if that wasn’t enough, we still find the time for The Brain of Morbius, some Dave Gibbons love and a bit of metaphysical music theory. All this, as well as Osbert Mudstealer, Maud the Withered and 30-50 feral hogs*!

*Hog numbers may be approximate.

Episode 69: It’s Okay for It to Just Happen Like That

We’re back! After a long absence, Get Off My World! is back with Episode 69: It’s Okay for It to Just Happen Like That. Pat and Kelvin are joined by Ariel Leaf and Joseph Scrimshaw in front of a live audience at Convergence 2019. We discuss the state of Doctor Who (real and imaginary), a multitude of Randomizers, British robots, nontoxic fandom and much more. Plus a whole season’s worth of improvised Doctor Who stories!

Episode 68: Hippie Sh*t!

In Episode 68: Hippie Sh*t!, the boys and Ariel Leaf really chew the mammoth, if you know what we mean. We discuss Doctor Who and theatre, the War Master, and the classic Sixth Doctor episode Attack of the Cybermen, and Kelvin shares a new Doctor Who-ish short story.

There’s a lot going on in this one! Prepare yourself for cyber-Ace Hardware, a dull humming, cop-punching, and other Tarantino-esque violence, all in a sort of rondo shape. How many times can we see pop eat itself?

– Check out clips from the National Theatre production of Antigone here.

Episode 67: Kids Love Murder

In Episode 67: Kids Love Murder, the guys and Ariel Leaf cover a whole crazy amount of Doctor Who territory. Listener David D. poses a terrific question about child-friendly Doctor Who that our hosts could have discussed for hours, but instead somehow leads into an earnest discussion of Time and the Rani, after which Ariel regales us with her adventures in Perivale, and everyone gets a lot darker in a discussion of the first part of Big Finish’s Derek Jacobi vehicle The War Master!

Get off My World fan Doug S. sent us this marvelous video anthology of commercials starring Doctor Who actors.

– Follow along with Ariel’s photojournalistic tour of Perivale!

Episode 66: What Did You Do, Josh?

In Episode 66: What Did You Do, Josh?, the second of two episodes recorded live at CONsole Room 2019, the guys are joined by Scrimshaw-spawn Aaron English Scrimshaw to discuss body function jokes, Napoleon, the Doctor’s elasticity, and play some particularly chaotic rounds of the Death Zone, in front of an audience that would make Tony Bennett proud!

Episode 65: The Substitute Teacher

Get Off My World! returns with Episode 65: The Substitute Teacher, the first of two episodes recorded live at CONsole Room 2019. In this episode, Joshua, Kelvin and Ariel Leaf are joined by monster expert and intellectual fraud Matt Kessen to discuss the 2019 New Year’s special Resolution, Adric’s bad rap, characters who make Kelvin feel uncomfortable, and all things Silurian!

Episode 64: You’re Gonna Get Dunked

In the surprisingly emotionally fraught Episode 64: You’re Gonna Get Dunked, Ariel Leaf and the guys discuss the final five episodes of Jodie Whittaker’s first season: “Onslaught of Opinionated Outsiders,” “Unusually Pro-Robot,” “It’s Going to Be Suddenly Aliens,” “Surprisingly Authentic Norwegian-ness,” and “Tim Shaw is a Dick.” Opinions on this season were not uniformly positive, but we’re Get Off My World, and we know how to make our own fun.


Episode 63: I Tolerate This Century But I Don’t Enjoy It

Your hosts cover a lot of emotional ground in Episode 63: I Tolerate This Century But I Don’t Enjoy It. The guys and Ariel Leaf discuss what they’re enjoying about series 11, the family dynamics of large TARDIS crews, the evolution of the show since 1963, and a whole lot of man-thigh! Plus Pat shares a weird bummer of a short story he recently wrote, and everyone tangles in the Death Zone to figure out which new series Doctor had the best first five episodes. Whew!


Episode 62: Get the Cloister Bell Ready

In Episode 62: Get the Cloister Bell Ready, the guys and Ariel Leaf dive into the first half of Jodie Whittaker’s first season. Topics of discussion include writing and politics, companion overcrowding, fictionalizing real history, Pting spinoffs and space-racists!

What’s the verdict on the season so far? Take a listen and then drop us an email to passionately disagree!


Episode 61: I’m Making Air Quotes, People

In Episode 61: I’m Making Air Quotes, People, in honor of Jodie Whittaker’s debut, guest host Ariel Leaf is joined by guests Melissa Kaercher, Gabriela Santiago, Zhac Rahkonen and Alison Anderson for a special all-women installment of Get Off My World!

Ariel and crew discuss Whittaker’s first episode The Woman Who Fell to Earth; which former companion would make a good Doctor; inappropriate relationships; the sometimes fraught connection between acting and writing; women’s roles in Doctor Who and the roles of women in Doctor Who — the good, the bad, and the pretty!


Episode 60: Dr. Who and the Sackbut

Recorded live at CONvergence 2018, Episode 60: Dr. Who and the Sackbut, with special guests Ariel Leaf and Joseph Scrimshaw, covers all manner of nonsense, including the past and future of Doctor Who, audience suggestions, Renaissance wind instruments, Pat’s recent trip to Greece, and of course, the DEATH ZONE!


Episode 59: It’s Actually Nonfiction

In Episode 59: It’s Actually Nonfiction, special guest Gabriela Santiago leads the guys on a deep dive into fandom: What it means, what we get from it, and what continues to elude us, capped by Gabriela’s breathtaking “Epidemiology of Fan Love!” And there’s more! We also discuss the Fourth Doctor/Leela classic The Horror of Fang Rock, and learn why it’s forever associated in Pat’s mind with that episode of The A-Team where the helicopter crashes.

Join us! It’s a lot more fun than listening to the empty rhetoric of a defeated dictator!


Episode 58: Weird Maximalism

In Episode 58: Weird Maximalism, the guys, along with special guest host Gabriela Santiago, interview The Sevateem about their new album The Caves, based on the classic series story The Caves of Androzani. We dig deep into the motivation, production and reception of this beautiful love letter to old Doctor Who, and suggest some totally inappropriate ideas for follow-up albums. As well, we discuss the role and propriety of fan art in general, and wrangle about the merits and demerits of the Sixth Doctor story Revelation of the Daleks, the Diamonds Are Forever of classic Doctor Who (or so some claim).


Episode 57: Game of Thrones This is Not

In Episode 57: Game of Thrones This is Not, the guys joust over the Fifth Doctor story The King’s Demons, ruminate on the current state of Big Finish spinoffs, and discuss the last two episodes of the Big Finish 8th Doctor Time War box set. Oh, and in case you need something to put you to sleep, Pat reads his award-winning Lovecraftian nursery rhyme “Things Your Child Was Not Meant to Know.”

– Celebrities (including Christiane Amanpour, Tom Hanks, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Emilia Clarke, Sting and Shaggy, Jimmy Jam, Faith Evans, and Meryl Streep) react to Jodie Whittaker’s casting as the Doctor! Some are just sort of riffing and don’t have any special interest in the question, but some are really into it! BBC America


Episode 56: Cheap, Weird and Brutal

In this unusually profanity-heavy Episode 56: Cheap, Weird and Brutal, the guys discuss The Sontaran Experiment, the history of violence in Doctor Who, and the first two episodes of the Big Finish 8th Doctor Time War box set. And presented here for the very first time anywhere, exclusive excerpts from David Mamet’s unproduced Ninth Doctor script Glengarry Davros! Listen to the &#%!@?! thing, why don’t you!

– Nicholas Pegg’s final NSFW Doctor Who Magazine article is here.
– Watch the Doctor bust caps here.


Episode 55: Don’t Talk About Our Honeymoon (Peter Capaldi era overview Part Two)

We’re back! After a refreshing several-month hiatus, Joshua, Kelvin, Pat and The Unaffiliated Critic return to finish up our Peter Capaldi-era overview, in two leisurely rounds during which we ponder questions of gender and race in Who, fight an epic Death Zone battle to determine the best Capaldi episode, and learn about Kelvin’s hatred for crows. All of this and The Last Jedi too!


Episode 54: Engineered Weepiness (Peter Capaldi era overview Part One)

In our long-awaited Peter Capaldi-era overview Episode 54: Engineered Weepiness, we take you through… THREE rounds, not so rapid? That’s right, this topic brought out the loquacious nerd in all of us, so we wound up splitting this discussion into two parts. In Part One, your hosts Kelvin, Joshua, Pat and special guest Michael “The Unaffiliated Critic” grapple with the character of the 12th Doctor, his story arc (or lack thereof), the Christmas Special Twice Upon a Time, the medical ethics of regeneration and more!

Note: You might think you’re hearing some audio issues throughout this episode, but don’t worry, that’s just because Kelvin is secretly an Ice Warrior, and Michael is not-so secretly a Cyberman.

– Jodie Whittaker talks about her favorite gig.
– Listen to Michael and his wife’s new podcast, The Unenthusiastic Critic.


Episode 53: South Pole Base of International Stereotypes


In our special all-cyber Episode 53: South Pole Base of International Stereotypes, your hosts Kelvin, Pat, and Scott Glancy Joshua Scrimshaw are joined by special guest Matt Kessen to bring everyone up to speed in anticipation of Peter Capaldi’s final episode. They cover Big Finish’s cyber-origin story Spare Parts and the first cyber-appearance (and final William Hartnell TV story) The Tenth Planet, and Matt sums up the totally logical and not at all cosmologically indecent history of the Cybermen in a special episode of “Reverend Matt’s Monster Science”!

– Hey, here’s a Bill Sienkiewicz sketch of Peter Capaldi!
– One of Pat’s many inaccuracies in this episode was to misidentify Mick McMahon’s wonderful DWM Cyberman art as that of Kelly Jones. Apologies to Mr. McMahon!


Episode 52: Pantsuit

In Episode 52: Pantsuit, the guys are joined by an all-star cast of Twin Cities performers for Get Off My World!’s third anniversary live show at Minneapolis’ Phoenix Theater.

Hear! new material from The Sevateem, as they debut songs from their upcoming rock opera The Caves, based on a certain famous 1984 Doctor Who serial!

Listen! as the Reverend Matt Kessen delivers an erudite lecture about the Silurians!

Witness! Laura Zabel encounter the show for her very first time as we discuss the 1974 Doctor Who serial Robot!

Thrill! as the Mysterious Old Radio Listening Society (featuring Eric Webster and Tim Uren) present a brand-new Doctor Who adventure in classic radio drama style!

Learn! lots of inessential and nerdy Doctor Who trivia as our guests compete in the ultimate game: Trivia of the Exxilons!

All this and a brand-new theme song from Pablo!


Episode 51: Not Quite a Joke So Much

In Episode 51: Not Quite a Joke So Much, your hosts Kelvin, Pat, Tony and Scott Glancy reflect on their many years of hosting this podcast together, dive deep into the world of Doctor Who miniatures, assess Doctor Who body counts, discuss The Talons of Weng-Chiang the whole lotta racism in The Talons of Weng-Chiang, and the 1986 FASA Doctor Who game book Doctor Who and the Rebel’s Gamble why we are so done with Confederate apologias, Robert E. Lee encomia and all the rest of that Lost Cause garbage. Also excuse us please there seem to be quite a number of quite a number of time ano anomalies in this episode episode episode.

– We encourage you to check out Warlord Games’ Doctor Who miniatures.
– And PlutoPlutoPlutoPluto’s Doctor Who casualty graphs.
– And definitely spend some time with Kevin M. Levin’s great site Civil War Memory, one of the best online resources about the US Civil War.
– Oh, and we never did get around to explaining why Harry Sullivan is hanging around with the Sixth Doctor and Peri in Rebel’s Gamble. Find out the answer, sort of, here.
– Josh who? Joshua Scrim… shander? That’s not a real name. What are you talking about?


Episode 50: Totally Honest and Utterly Fair

In our extra-special extended-length Episode 50: Totally Honest and Utterly Fair, the guys cover a wide swath of Doctor Who media: television, comics, audio, and even a 1980s RPG game book. Hear their thoughts on upcoming Thirteenth Doctor Jodie Whittaker, the Ninth Doctor comic miniseries Weapons of Past Destruction, the First Doctor TV adventure The Romans and the Fourth Doctor oddball curiosities The Pescatons and Doctor Who and the Vortex Crystal. Along the way, learn about Joshua’s three formative hero characters, why Kelvin hates comedy, what Pat sounds like shouting from the infinite abyss, and X the Unknown!

– Check out Russell T. Davies’ sneaky 13th Doctor illustrations here.


Episode 49: Eaters of Mars

In Episode 49: Eaters Of Mars, L.A. comedian Joseph Scrimshaw and Twin Cities actor Ariel Leaf join the guys for a special podcast recorded at Convergence. The gang continues their farewell salute to Peter Capaldi with a discussion of the final four episodes of Series 10: Empress of Mars, Eaters of Light, World Enough and Time, and The Doctor Falls. They also debate the effectiveness of meat cubes, blame the Justice Society of America for spoiling The Eaters of Light, reach for their pain buttons, and return to their new favorite improv structure: The Greatest Show In The Galaxy!


Episode 48: An Impossible Stack Of Nonsense

After a refreshing summer hiatus, the guys return with Michael “The Unaffiliated Critic” McDunnah to discuss the middle four episodes of Doctor Who Series 10: Oxygen, Extremis, The Pyramid at the End of the World, and The Lie of the Land. Which episode makes the best tabletop role-playing game scenario? In what way is the Doctor like Warren Buffett? Why won’t Peter Capaldi make eye contact with Kelvin? Listen and find out!


Episode 47: Plungers Up!

In Episode 47: Plungers Up!, Doctor Who comic book artist Christopher Jones and future composer of The Caves Of Androzani rock opera Christian Erickson join the guys for a special podcast recorded at CONsole Room. The boys take a break from the classic series to rate the first four episodes of Series 10: The Pilot, Smile, Thin Ice and Knock Knock. They also find time to discuss the early work of Elmer Dinglefritz, explain where baby anglerfish come from, completely forget Kelvin’s name, and try out a new improv structure – The Greatest Show In The Galaxy!


Episode 46: Wanna Do Some Ben And Polly?

In Episode 46: Wanna Do Some Ben And Polly?, the boys talk passports and other “mumbo jumbo” as they explore the historical context of the 1967 Second Doctor adventure The Faceless Ones, reveal the secrets of how they “prepare” for the podcast, perform a new Faceless Ones-inspired comedy sketch, and review the fourth and final installment of the Eighth Doctor Big Finish audio box set series Doom Coalition! 

2017 Summer Schedule

Devoted listeners! In preparation for a busy few months, Get Off My World will be starting our summer schedule a little early this year.

Our next release will be in late April or early May, with further episodes coming once a month in June, July and August. (And yes, we will be discussing the new Series 10 in these episodes.) We’ll return to our bimonthly schedule on September 1.

Please keep watching our Facebook page for random thoughts, photos and assorted other GOMW ramblings!


Episode 45: Drain The Mercury Swamp

In Episode 45: Drain The Mercury Swamp, the boys visit the planet Vulcan for a discussion of Patrick Troughton’s debut adventure The Power Of The Daleks, analyze the strange evolution of TARDIS technology, perform Pat’s new Power Of The Daleks-inspired comedy sketch, and return to the Death Zone for a battle between the 2006 Big Finish audio adventure The Veiled Leopard and The 2014 Twelfth Doctor adventure Time Heist!


Episode 44: Oh Crap, It’s High Tide

In Episode 44: Oh Crap, It’s High Tide, the guys discover buried loot in the form of the 1966 First Doctor adventure The Smugglers, choose their favorite one-hit Doctor Who wonders, perform Kelvin’s new Smugglers-inspired comedy sketch, and say a fond farewell to John Hurt as the War Doctor in his final Big Finish audio box set, Casualties of War. 

-Elroy Josephs is the first black actor to have a significant speaking role in Doctor Who.


Episode 43: All Future Humans Suck

In Episode 43: All Future Humans Suck, the boys put their new cloister bell to the test as they enumerate the many changes they’d like to see when Chris Chibnall takes over Doctor Who, fawn all over the 1975 Fourth Doctor adventure Planet of Evil, interview their favorite Ice Warrior, and muster some love for the latest Big Finish Eighth Doctor audio box set, Doom Coalition Volume 3!


Episode 42: I Deny This Reality

In Episode 42: I Deny This Reality, the boys welcome game designer Jeff Tidball to the podcast to discuss his new Doctor Who game Time Clash! The guys also ruminate upon the dangerous art of adapting existing properties into new media, pause for a Valentine’s Day interlude with metaphysical poet Andrew Marvell, and gently guide Jeff through his very first classic Doctor Who story, The Deadly Assassin!

The guys: Pat, Joshua, Tony, Jeff, and Kelvin!


Episode 41: Entropy Of Columbo

In Episode 41: Entropy Of Columbo, the boys listen to the latest audio adventures of the War Doctor, contemplate the Doctor’s mental health, study the second law of thermodynamics and its relation to the 1981 Fourth Doctor adventure Logopolis, and decide which is the ultimate regeneration story: Planet of The Spiders, Logopolis, or The Caves of Androzani.

Notes and, um, Apologies
– Joshua mistakenly refers to the Harry Potter character Mad Eye Moody as “Mad Dog.” Don’t tell his wife and daughter. They will never let him live it down.
– Speaking of mad dogs, Pat’s neighbor has a new pup and apparently it has a lot to say about Logopolis. Please forgive the occasional outburst of yapping toward the end of the podcast.


Episode 40: HOVERCRAFT!

In Episode 40: HOVERCRAFT!, the guys meditate on the Third Doctor’s 1974 swan song Planet Of The Spiders, get evangelical about an underrated Third Doctor adventure that is not Planet Of The Spiders, dilute their own brand by discussing the latest Star Wars film Rogue One, and last but not least, discover the hidden existential depths of Mr. Huffle!

Show Notes and Other Tidbits:
– You can listen to Joseph Scrimshaw and the Force Center podcast here.
– Read Film Crit Hulk’s considered critique of Rogue One here.


Episode 39: Sad Lava Monster Ballad

In Episode 39: Sad Lava Monster Ballad, the boys are joined by Christian Erickson and Janey Winterbauer of the Twin Cities-based band The Sevateem! Listen as the guys rustle through Kelvin’s bag of odorous nostalgia, interrogate Christian and Janey about their unfinished Caves Of Androzani rock opera, mentally and emotionally prepare for the next Doctor Who Christmas special, listen to Christian and Janey’s Caves-inspired song “Anywhere In The Universe,” and express varying degrees of love for the 1985 Fifth Doctor soon-to-be-rock-opera The Caves of Androzani!

Show Notes and Other Tidbits:
– Listen and stream Astronaut Wife here.
– Become a fan of The Sevateem here.


Episode 38: Making The Celestial Toymaker Face

tumblr_inline_nk6p23rycx1qaar7aIn Episode 38: Making The Celestial Toymaker Face, the guys pick the most representative story from each Doctor’s era (only it’s more complicated than that), dig deep to find anything remotely entertaining about the 1966 First Doctor adventure The Celestial Toymaker, listen to a song by future podcast guests The Sevateem, and wrap up our look at The Brigadier with a Death Zone battle between the 1995 direct-to-video story Downtime, and the 2012 Sarah Jane Adventures story Enemy of the Bane.

Show Notes and Other Tidbits:
– Check out Andrew Bruce’s Doctor Who miniature wargames rules here.
– Become a fan of The Sevateem here.


Episode 37: I Can So Picture Mel Wearing A Baggy Sweater With A Giant Saxophone That Says Jazz On It

3a331c2100000578-3919606-image-a-2_1478686891979We’re back after taking an unexpected month off to rehearse our various holiday shows* and recover from the psychological horror of the US election. Thank you for your patience!

In Episode 37: I Can So Picture Mel Wearing A Baggy Sweater With A Giant Saxophone That Says Jazz On It, the boys are joined by Twin Cities actor and she-nerd Ariel Leaf! Listeners will learn many amazing facts, including what the First Doctor would sound like if he were a Klingon, which character from the 1989 Seventh Doctor adventure Battlefield is actually a talking penguin, why the gang is thankful for the existence of Doctor Who, and what makes the 2001 Big Finish 8th Doctor adventure Minuet In Hell quite possibly the worst Doctor Who audio ever recorded!

*If you live in the Twin Cities and enjoy nerdy live theater, please consider seeing Kelvin Hatle as Klingon Scrooge in A Klingon Christmas Carol and Joshua English Scrimshaw as Paul Bunyan, God of Lumber in the Minnesota-themed Avengers spoof The The Averagers: Christmas War!

Show Notes and Other Tidbits:
– And as for the weirdest Who actor appearance, how could we forget this one?


Episode 36: Something Like Eros and Psyche

m_drwhoyeti2 In Episode 36: Something Like Eros and Psyche, the boys are joined by sound guy Tony Karna for a festive yet intimate celebration of two whole years of podcasting! Listen as the guys share their nerdy summer adventures, dare to question the plan of The Great Intelligence from the 1967 Second Doctor adventure The Abominable Snowmen, play a truly epic round of Trivia Of The Exxilons, and continue their look at The Brigadier with a Death Zone battle between the 2000 Big Finish Sixth Doctor audio The Spectre of Lanyon Moor, and the 2008 Big Finish Unbound audio Masters of War!

Due to a small recording snafu, this episode features an intermittent background hiss. The guys apologize, but encourage you to imagine the hiss coming from a disgruntled Ice Warrior sitting in the background, disagreeing with every one of the guys’ opinions. It makes everything better!


Episode 35: Cheese of the Doctor


The Third Doctor enjoys some Gorgonzola in Day of the Daleks!

In Episode 35: Cheese of the Doctor, the guys welcome special guest, nerd-about-town and co-host of the Aging Poorly Podcast, Bill Stiteler! Join them as they probe the inner recesses of Bill’s mind for any and all Doctor Who-related memories, talk candidly about midlife regeneration crises, avoid meeting their future selves in a timey-wimey discussion of the 1983 Fifth Doctor adventure Mawdryn Undead, and choose the perfect cheese to pair with every Doctor.


Bonus Episode 2: Wendy Padbury For President

In Bonus Episode 2: Wendy Padbury For President, Joshua interviews classic Doctor Who star Wendy Padbury (with some help from a live audience) at Console Room 2016! Wendy Padbury played astrophysicist Zoe Herriot from 1968 to 1969, alongside Patrick Troughton as the Doctor and Frazier Hines as fellow companion Jaime McCrimmon. Listen as Wendy shares just how close she came to turning down the role of Zoe, which of the new series companions is her favorite, how the stage play Doctor Who and The Daleks In Seven Keys To Doomsday resulted in her being repeatedly struck with a handbag, whether or not she’d ever want to play a female Doctor, her thoughts on Brexit, and much, much more!

And thanks again to Colin Baker for singing our bonus episode theme song!

Wendy and Joshua

Wendy Padbury with an overjoyed Joshua!


Episode 34: Precipice of Failure!

edge-of-distructionIn Episode 34: Precipice Of Failure!, the boys visit Convergence for a live recording with special guests Ariel Leaf and Joseph Scrimshaw! Listen as they debate practical shoes versus weak ankles, the 1963 First Doctor adventure The Edge Of Destruction versus the 2008 Tenth Doctor adventure Midnight, the KLF versus Gary Glitterregeneration by parachute failure versus regeneration by liver failure, Deadly Assassins versus Agreeable Assassins, and much, much more!


From left to right: Kelvin, Tony, Ariel, Joseph, Pat, and Joshua!


Episode 33: As Sphinctery As Possible

zygons12[1]In Episode 33: As Sphinctery As Possible, Get Off My World’s resident monster expert, Matt Kessen, returns for an edifying analysis of the Loch Ness Monster as depicted in the 1975 Fourth Doctor adventure Terror of the Zygons! Things you will also hear: a dramatic reading of our very first listener submitted poem, a tam o’ shanter full of Scottish stereotypes, the correct pronunciation of the last name of the guy who plays Moss on The I.T. Crowd, and a double dose of Big Finish audio goodness in the form of The Horror of Glam Rock and The Zygon Who Fell To Earth!


Episode 32: Stand There And Look Pretty

jaimeandpatIn Episode 32: Stand There And Look Pretty, super nerd Jimmy LeDuc and comic book artist Christopher Jones join the guys for a special podcast recorded at Console Room, the Twin Cities Doctor Who convention! Listen as the boys choose which companions they would take on their own travels through space and time, slog their way through the six-part Big Finish audio adaptation of the unmade Second Doctor adventure Lords of The Red Planet, figure out what really made the Doctor and Susan leave Gallifrey, and discover the deadly power of nail polish remover in the 1967 Second Doctor adventure The Moonbase.