Episode 75: Anti-Buddhist Evangelist

Get Off My World is back—and it seems, not a moment too soon!

Rested — regenerated — vaxxed and boosted — with new rounds — a new co-host — relaxed swear-word protocols — and a new theme song from The Sevateem!

In Episode 75: Anti-Buddhist Evangelist, Josh, Kelvin and Pat are joined by new full-time co-host Ariel Pinkerton to discuss the Fifth Doctor stories Kinda and Snakedance, and the Big Finish audio The Cradle of the Snake. We have a lot to say about Buddhism, the Mara, carnival barkers, mass-media villainy, mental disorders, J N-T’s fashion sense, and of course, a giant pink snake!

The dance goes on! It is all the dance, everywhere and always!

Episode 74: Running Around Getting Killed and Not Getting Killed

After a long absence, Get Off My World returns with a special double-length Episode 74: Running Around Getting Killed and Not Getting Killed, wrapping up our survey of Jodie Whittaker’s second season! Join Ariel, Pat, Kelvin and Joshua as we discuss Tesla versus Edison, the English Romantics, Birdemic, the history of mental illness, the Ruth Doctor (not Doctor Ruth), and our conflicted feelings about the Master and Captain Jack. All this and Pat’s impromptu off-key performance of Yazoo’s “Only You”! We cover a lot of ground here, is what we’re saying.