Episode 11: Don’t Worry It’s PG Rated

DW-S05E01-HDTV-0100In Episode 11: Don’t Worry It’s PG Ratedthe boys turn down the lights and talk about sex and Doctor Who, cuddle up with the Fourth Doctor story The Masque of Mandragora, shower Peter Davison with hypothetical birthday presents, and experiment with a brand-new round called “The Deadly Assassin,” in which Joshua and Kelvin utterly fail to defend the Tenth Doctor story Planet of the Dead from Pat’s bloodthirsty assault!

Show Notes and Other Tidbits
-The “Adventures with the Wife in Space” blog is here.
-And you definitely don’t want to miss The Glimpse!

2 thoughts on “Episode 11: Don’t Worry It’s PG Rated

  1. Another great episode, guys, and I just had to come here to mark this historic occasion: for perhaps the first time ever, my old friend Pat and I are in complete agreement about something. “Planet of the Dead” is, indeed, a steaming pile of sh*t. (Like most such piles, it even has the requisite flies circling around it.) This is one of the ones where you can follow along with exactly how this creative trainwreck happened in RTD’s “The Writer’s Tale,” where a weak concept just keeps getting worse and worse. As I recall it went something like this:

    RTD: Hey Gareth, I have some vague idea about a double-decker bus in space, because that’s a cool image. Can you write that? Because I’m super busy.

    GR: Ummm….sure.

    RTD: Oh, and I just found out we can film in Dubai, for no reason, so that will be cool! A bus! On the sand! Go forth and write!

    GR: Hey, Russell, I’ve come up with this idea to make the companion an ordinary girl, maybe a plump, plucky type like Tracy Turnblad in “Hairspray.” And through this adventure she will gain confidence, and have a whole character arc, and prove that ordinary people can be awesome.

    RTD: Wonderful! Except, instead of that, maybe do the exact opposite and turn her into a glamorous, super sexy international jewel thief! You know, a fantasy figure with no character arc of any kind!

    …etc. There are other stories I hate more than this one, just because they were more important disasters (like “The End of Time”). But, all things being otherwise equal, this may, in fact, be the worst thing ever.

  2. Great point about whether the Doctor would be cool with the museum stealing thing. Especially because later with Matt Smith we learn that he likes museums because they “keep score” for him.

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