Bonus Episode 1: Ray Winninger in Genesis Of The Nerdery

FASA Winninger GamesIn Bonus Episode 1: Ray Winninger in Genesis of the Nerdery, president of Pagan Publishing Scott Glancy interviews tabletop RPG legend Ray Winninger about his early work on the 1985 FASA Doctor Who role-playing game. A short excerpt from this conversation was included in Get Off My World Episode 17 but we present it here complete and uncut! Things you will hear: Ray talk about his reverential but completely¬†unsupervised use of the Doctor Who license, the influence of FASA’s Star Trek RPG on the Doctor Who game, the pros and cons of realistic game mechanics, and nerdy tangents galore! Things you won’t hear: A terrible story about Tom Baker.

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  1. Gangplank Press says:

    Can’t find an email address, but I will leave this info here:

    I run an independent publishing company, and was wondering if you’d like to interview the author of our latest Kindle book, “The Mysteries of Dr Who” – an exploration of the deeper meanings and unanswered questions inherent throughout the show’s storylines.

    Lynn Hamilton is a full-time freelance writer and longtime Dr. Who enthusiast.

    You can read a little more about the book below, and a PDF file is available upon request.


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