The Horror, The Horror

tumblr_lz04tnx32z1rne776o1_r1_500You guys! Two things!

Get Off My World is taking a short break from our regular episodes to concentrate on our weekly Series 9 Minisodes! We’ll be back to our usual twice-a-month schedule on December 15th.

Also, if you live in the Twin Cities and like theatrical shenanigans, check out The Twin Cities Horror Festival! Your nerdy hosts are involved in two different shows (which, um, might explain why we’re a little behind on our recent minisodes).

3829244[1]The Thermos Bottle is based on a short story by GOMW co-host Pat Harrigan and adapted for stage by our podcast pal Tim Uren. It features a stellar cast of Twin Cities actors including our very own Joshua English Scrimshaw! It’s an eerie and intricate tale of time travel, psychics and other dimensional entities. If the Horror Fest were Season 26 of Doctor Who, this play would be Ghost Light.

7108356[1]And don’t forget Kelvin Hatle! He will be appearing in Big Spooky Radio Spookytime! Think Prairie Home Companion with zombies. ‘Nuff said.