Episode 13: There Are No Giant Crabs

In Episode 13: There Are No Giant Crabs, the boys join forces with theater critic and hardcore Whovian Ed Huyck for part one of a two-part podcast looking at literary adaptations in Doctor Who! Listen as the boys debate which Doctor is the most like Peter Pan, dance the Highland Fling with the lost Second Doctor adventure The Macra Terror, fall under the hypnotic influence of the Propaganda Sleep Machine and travel back in time to the Wilderness Years for a challenging jaunt through Paul Cornell’s 1995 New Adventures novel Human Nature.

Join us next episode when we discuss the 1987 Target novelization of The Macra Terror and Human Nature/Family of Blood, the Tenth Doctor television adaptation of the novel.

Show Notes and Other Tidbits
-You can watch young Lalla Ward wander through a house of creepy antiques here.
-You can watch Sonya Belousova play the Doctor Who theme on a big blue piano here.
-You can buy the latest printing of Paul Cornell’s Human Nature here.
-You can see Ed’s sneaky Doctor Who reference in the cutline of his Peter Pan review here.