Episode 26: Effective at 30 Feet!

The War Machines
In Episode 26: Effective at 30 Feet!, the fellows discuss playing with their dolls—er, action figures—and swoon a little bit over mod fashions, but then recover their masculinity by evaluating the military effectiveness of The War Machines and the murky moral areas of the two War Doctor audio story arcs Only the Monstrous and Infernal Devices. Plus, the world debut of a missing first draft scene from The Enemy of the World that is totally the genuine article from 1967 and was not just written a few days ago by Kelvin, not at all!

One thought on “Episode 26: Effective at 30 Feet!

  1. Interesting conversation going on here. I’ll have to disagree with the idea that Doctor Who is fundamentally a children’s program and that to make it any more “adult” would thus not make it Doctor Who. While I think I can see where that was coming from, I’m inclined to disagree as many of the Virgin New Adventures I’ve been exposed to present deep and mature elements in such a way that Doctor Who can be geared more so towards adults and still, at least to me, still have a firm grasp on the core of the show or “be Doctor Who.”

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